About Limonapa

We are passionate about sustainable teak farming and preventing deforestation – not just producing the best Teak in the world but doing so in a long-term sustainable environmentally-friendly way.

Guided by the leadership of Ara Chackerian and Aram Terry, we are committed to developing a long-term growth programs that will consistently be able to provide a teak of the highest standards.

Finca de Limonapa is located in Chinandega region of Nicaragua. The farm is approximately one thousand acre and prior to our purchase in 2015 was primarily used as cattle grazing land.

Overwhelming deforested by years cattle grazing, the farm is a microcosm of global deforestation challenge. Small poor farmers needing open pasture land to support their cattle. Through an active and long-term planting and growth plan, we are able to provide consistent employment for of these farmers, hopefully reducing their need to

In addition to teak, we grow a number of other products such as sesame, moringa and pitaya.