A Creative Solution To China’s Air Pollution Problem

Supported by Ara Chackerian

The first two verses in Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees” reads:
“I think that I shall never see, A poem lovely as a tree. “

Trees are an essential resource to our planet and human existence, and not just for the shade they provide us on a hot summer’s day. Trees and forestation at large remove major harmful air pollutants like ground-level ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, as well as carbon monoxide as they absorb C02, thus extracting these harmful toxins from the air we breathe. Trees also emit oxygen, provide a place to store carbon and even stabilize the soil.

Microscopic particulate matter, such as soot, is small enough that we can easily breathe it into our lungs, which can potentially cause serious health issues. Trees regulate this. Particulate matter once in our lungs:

* Causes lung irritation and inflammation that will damage their effectiveness

* Will aggravate lung disease and could diminish heat function

* Results in lung tissue permeability

* Could result in blood clots and heart attacks

* May lead to pneumonia

Scientists calculate that the particulate matter in the vicinity of a tree is reduced by 7-24%.

Air pollution in northern China is a serious issue and has reduced the lifespan of its people on average by about three. years. Air pollution is so critical in China that thick smog interferes with a planes ability to land. The Western United States air quality suffers from Asia’s air pollution.

China has committed itself to a dramatic effort to solve its air pollution problem. Sixty thousand Chinese troops, which is an army regiment, have been ordered to plant permanently new forests. The cost of planting trees is the most efficient way of controlling air pollution.

China plans to grow thousands of acres of new forests annually. By 2020 China predicts that its woodlands that would cover 23% of its landmass. China predicts that its non-military staff would be eventually reduced by 300,000 troops whose primary mission would be planting trees.